The Reality of Accelerated Climate Change

Edna Peres
Johannesburg Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, February 2, 2016 - 19:00
The reality of accelerated climate change

The issue of accelerated climate change resulting from human activity has been in the forefront of intense debate over the last decade. But how does it affect us? This talk tracks the interrelated issues that underpin climate change and the reality of its effects on daily life and the natural environment.

With a background in architecture, urbanism, writing and academia, Edna's PhD explores the use of Resilience theory to tackle tricky urban issues in South Africa. Having obtained a Master's degree in Architecture, she worked at studioMAS for over 6 years focusing on Urban Design. Her experience includes, regenerative design, transit oriented design (TOD), sustainability, housing settlements, adaptive re-use, as well as ecological urbanism.  


Cricket Pavilion, Johannesburg Country Club


Free for members, guests R40