Trip Costing

 Before you set out it's important that you collect money from each participant.  Experience has shown that until a member pays they are not committed to the trip - this includes best friends and family.  Essa trips run on cost, extra money collected in is reimbursed to the participants and if the trip is more expensive than anticipated the participants will have to chip more in

The trip costing are usually made up of the following components:

Food- calculate at per person per day 

Transport- This is either included in the initial costing or each member can get to the start point on their own.  If a lot of equipment is taken I usually include it (as it may be unfair on those who carry the kit and have less people to share the cost.  On hikes etc letting those work out their own sharing is often simpler.

To calculate - total kilometres x fuel consumption per 100km x cost of fuel divided by the number of people in the vehicle (usually good to use 3 people per vehicle)


Find out exactly what this is and calculate to per person 

Raft/kayak fund.  The club charges a small fee to cover wear & tear on equipment .  This is calculated per person per day and is as follows (2009).  Use is only time on the river so no charge while travelling but it is important to return the kit to avoid penalty charges.

Kayak use R80 per person per day 

Croc use  R40 per person per day

Raft use  R40 per person per day

Guiding fees.

Complex trips may require  a guide that usually charges per day  and then divided by the group.