Organising a trip

 Want to go hiking? or rafting? or just spend a lazy weekend away?

Just no -one is organising the trip you always wanted to go on!

So organise it yourself.  The first thing is to get a plan in place


This guide is written both for first time trip organisers as well as a reminder to experienced organisers.

Answer the following questions

1. Where is the trip taking place

2. What type of activities the trip involves, (rafting, mountain-biking etc.)

3.  Why do you want to go

4.  What experience you need on the trip

5.  Who do you want to have along

6.  How are you going to get there

7.  How are you going to get back

8.  What is the estimated cost 

9.  What equipment is required

10.  What maps will help me avoid getting lost.