Essa Safety Guidelines


As exploration involves risks, Safety Guidelines are necessary to eliminate unnecessary accidents.

These guidelines are the minimum safety criteria required by each and every member of the society.

They are hence to be applied rigorously.

The Committee has the right and the power to terminate the membership of anyone who fails to comply with the safety criteria.

The Committee has the right and the power to prevent or terminate any trip or expedition that does not fulfil all the Safety criteria.

Expedition/Trip leaders have the responsibility to ensure that all ESSA trips comply with the Safety Criteria. All members are encouraged to attend Safety and First Aid Courses organised by ESSA or otherwise .

It is the responsibility of ALL going on any ESSA excursion to ensure that Safety Equipment is serviceable and that they are proficient in its use.

These guidelines will remain in effect until amended or revoked by the committee of ESSA


All River  trips must comply with the following Safety Guidelines

1. Guides and Participants will at all time act cautiously and responsibly.

2. All Participants are warned against consuming alcohol or strong drugs on the river.

3. All Participants will be correctly equipped and warned to wear a life jacket at all times and a helmet in rapids.

4. No person may act in the capacity of a guide unless he or she is duly qualified and experienced in river running.

5. On each trip a senior guide will be designated as safety officer in charge of scouting, safety and rescue.

6. All trips will begin with appropriate safety talk appropriately modified for rafting, canoeing, or kayaking.

7. Guides will check group safety gear daily.

8. Parties will be warned about known hazards and how to avoid them.

9. When faced with river hazards, guides will remind participants that they have the option to walk around them.

10. A guide in the capacity of a leader or safety officer has the discretion to order any person off the river or to alter or terminate a trip in the interest of safety. Any participant found to be intoxicated or consuming alcohol or drugs will be immediately prohibited from rafting or use of ESSA rafts, crocs or kayaks

11. No ESSA river trip will be allowed to be undertaken without at least one person qualified in first and / or river rescue techniques