Essa Committee Roles

·  Calls and chairs meetings.
·  Runs monthly meetings.
·  Liaises with other similar organisations.
·  Provides vision and leadership to the society.
·  Supports the creation of expeditions.

Vice Chairperson
·  Fulfils the role of the chairperson in the absence of the chairperson.

·  Manages finances.
·  Collects membership fees.
·  Manages membership data.
·  Pays all expenses.
·  Creates budget for the year.

·  Provides committee members with notice of the committee meetings and the agenda thereof.
·  Ensures minutes are kept for each committee meeting.
·  Communicates between members and committee.
·  Keeps society records.

Equipment Officer
·  Signs equipment in and out.
·  Ensures equipment is maintained in a pristine condition.
·  Motivates for and purchases new equipment.
·  Ensures storeroom is maintained and organised.
·  Maintains first aid kit.

Safety Officer
·  Draws up safety guidelines for committee approval.
·  Monitors all trips to ensure compliance with safety standards.
·  Ensures safety equipment is serviceable.

·  Updates website on a regular basis.
·  Ensures that the content remains current and correct.
·  Adds new content when necessary.

·  Publishes four newsletters during the course of the year.
·  Produces a newsflash for distribution at each meeting.

Monthly Meetings
  ·  Co-ordinates speakers for the meeting and ensures that they are informed of the presentation requirements, venue date and time.
·   Liaises with venue to ensure that they are aware of the club requirements on a monthly basis.
·   Books restaurant for meal after the meeting.
·   Ensures that all required equipment is available.

New Members
·  Assists new members in familiarising themselves with the club.
·  Ensures the treasurer has their monies and details.
·  Sets up table and provides information at each meeting.

·  Supports existing expeditions.
·  Creates new expeditions.
·  Mentors expedition leaders.

·  Develops fund-raising target with committee.
·  Organises fund-raising introductory river trip.

Trip Diary
·  Maintains records of all trips.
·  Encourages members to organise trips.