Equipment Usage Policy






The primary objective of this policy is to ensure that the equipment is available to all members, is used correctly, maintained and cared for properly and that its condition and use are correctly monitored.


A further objective is to ensure that it is issued in a clear way and returned timeously and in a condition that allows for easy storage


The objective is also that funds are raised to ensure the replacement of equipment both through normal wear & tear and through mishap.


It is hoped that care, use and upkeep of all equipment is a skill and responsibility of all members of ESSA.


Equipment Use

  1. ESSA equipment (unless authorised by the committee (either at a meeting or by majority agreement where all committee members are informed if a meeting is not possible or for use of non-members on an official introductory trip) is strictly for the use of paid-up ESSA members only.

  2. Equipment use by non-members shall only be done in exceptional cases subject to approval by the committee. The committee is responsible for setting the fee to be charged

  3. Equipment will only be issued to members who undertake full responsibility for the equipment.

  4. The equipment store manager, trip leader, or any other ESSA member shall be responsible to ensure that the objectives of this policy are enforced. If they deem that members have acted irresponsibly they will inform the committee, which will take suitable action from instigating a fine, to suspending use or barring total use.


  1. ESSA members who are unfamiliar with the use and care of the equipment have the responsibility of ensuring that they find a person on the list who is willing to tutor them. In this way beginners and less responsible members will be taught proper care and usage of equipment by those that are more experienced and responsible.

Equipment Issue

  1. Equipment may only be issued by the person responsible for the storeroom, or in his/her absence a person designated by the committee

  2. The person accepting responsibility for the equipment is responsible for:

  • timeous return of the equipment in a clean and repaired condition

  • payment of the equipment fees

  • replacement of any equipment lost

  1. Trips that have been sanctioned by the committee of ESSA and where written application for equipment has been made to the committee via the treasurer and the equipment store manager shall have priority, over trips organized at the last minute or those including non essa members.

  2. Members are urged to apply for equipment timeously and in writing via the treasurer and store manager.

  3. Equipment fees are payable before the equipment is issued – except for the equipment used by non-members on an official introductory trip. The fees for the entire duration of the trip are payable – if the equipment is returned timeously and in good repair then the fees for the portion of the trip during which the equipment was not used may be refunded. I.e. no money, no gear, that simple.

Equipment Return

  1. Equipment is to be returned before the following weekend after the end of the trip – unless by special arrangement with the person managing the storeroom.

  2. Equipment is to be returned in clean and dry and repaired – irrespective of the condition in which it was received. If the borrower is unhappy with the condition of the equipment he/she/it may notify the committee and/or person managing the storeroom who will be responsible for following it up with the previous borrower.

  3. Persons returning equipment in a dirty, wet or damaged condition will not be allowed to use any equipment under any circumstances until it has been cleaned, dried and repaired.

  4. Equipment that has been lost shall be replaced by the person responsible for losing it – said person will not be allowed to use any equipment under any circumstances until the lost item has been replaced. The club does not carry insurance and individual users of equipment bear full responsibility for the replacement or repair of any gear, unless the loss qualifies for replacement by the raft fund.

  5. On return the Equipment log book shall be completed fully by those who used the equipment.

Equipment fees:

  1. Equipment fees as laid down the committee are payable on the use of Rafts, Crocs, kayaks and lifejackets. (2010 - R 40 per person per day raft croc or kayak, R5 per person per day lifejacket )

  2. 50% of any introductory trip money remaining after expenses will be payable to ESSA with 25% payable to the raft fund and 25% payable to the property fund. Any further money raised shall either go towards sponsorship to the expedition of the trip organizers choice or towards the ESSA expedition fund.