essa provides a forum for the conceptual & physical exploration of southern african


Welcome to ESSA

Essa was established in 1988 and runs great trips and expeditions throughout southern Africa, as well as further afield. We hold a regular meeting on the first Tuesday of the month at the Cricket Pavilion Johannesburg Country Club at 7:00pm. We are open to all, and the society encourages ideas on exploring, as well as organising a great variety of trips for like minded people.
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Upcoming events

  1. Johannesburg Monthly Meeting
    Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - 19:00

    DRAGONS OF THE SILK ROAD: New Palaeontological discoveries from Xinjiang, China

    What does a dinosaur palaeontologist actually do? Jonah Choiniere is our speaker in February presenting a talk on his fascinating discoveries of fossils in Xinjiang, Western China. REALLY ancient history of Xinjiang, part travelogue of working in this amazing place, and interesting discoveries.

    Join us on tuesday 3 February 2015 at The Country Club, Johannesburg at 7pm. As usual there will be a dinner buffet after the talk. Cash bar is available at the venue.